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The main purpose of our activities is to ensure that the disease is diagnosed in its early stages, and patients are secured appropriate treatment with proper medicines prescribed to them. Our further objectives envisage a well-developed network of hospitals, day centers and social services, so that relatives of the patient are not left as the only one to bear the burden of taking care of the patient.

To achieve these and other objectives we have applied to the Ministry of Health,  Ministry of Social Security and Labour, State Patients’ Fund, President’s Office, the Seimas and National Health Council.

An especially painful item remains the prices of medications and care means. In 2009, the basic pension in Lithuania was LTL 316, and the official unemployment rate – 17 percent. The Government has already announced its plans to reduce pension benefits starting as of 1 January 2010. The official EUR/Litas exchange rate in Lithuania is 1:3.45.

Regretfully, the Alzheimer’s disease in Lithuania has been for long ignored or not acknowledged, resulting in inadequate knowledge about the disease, or information not only in the public, but also among medical professionals.



Rugsėjo 21-oji – Tarptautinė Alzheimerio diena.

Šia liga sergantiems ligoniams būtinai reikalingi vieni ar dveji vaistai ir artimo žmogaus nuoširdi teisinga priežiūra.


Atnaujinta 2012.01.03

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As part of our attempts to fill in the gap we have participated in a number of media events, popular TV shows such as KORIDA, PASKUTINĖ KRYŽKELĖ, PRAŠAU ŽODŽIO, JAU SAULELĖ VAKAROP, and a number of other programs addressing health issues. Some information about the disease has been broadcasted during the radio programs SVEIKATA hosted by the Lithuanian national radio company. 

Authors cooperating with the Lithuanian Alzheimer’s Association have published articles on the issue in the national dailies Respublika, Lietuvos rytas, Kauno diena, magazines Veidas, Moters savaitgalis, Slauga, newspapers Laikas, Lietuvos sveikata.

In 2002 and 2003, thanks to the support from our sponsors we have been publishing the magazine ALZHEIMERIO LIGA. KAS TAI?   (ALZHEIMER’S – WHAT IS IT?) with the circulation of 10,000 copies. Regretfully, since 2005 the Lithuanian Alzheimer’s Association has not received any sponsorship support for its activities.

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