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On February 16, 2003, during the meeting of the representatives of all the functioning clubs in Lithuania, we have established the Lithuanian Alzheimer’s disease association - LALA.

In Kaunas, people interested in such a problem, have been gathering since 1999. People tentatively spoke about their trouble, gingerly asked questions. They have been astonished, how little the doctors knew, that there was not enough information on this strange disorder. The club was registered on March 20, 2001.


 In Vilnius the caregivers together with the patients having Alzheimer’s disease have gathered for the first time on September 29, 2001. Then it has been decided to establish a club.


The club meetings took place monthly, the people shared their problems, shared their advice. On January 27, 2002, the Vilnius Alzheimer’s club was registered in the municipality of Vilnius. Now the club has 100 members.


 The Siauliai club of patrons of the Alzheimer’s patients was registered in March 2002.


 The Alytus Alzheimer’s association was registered in December 2002.




The failing memory predicts Alzheimer disease

 September 21 - the International Alzheimer’s day.

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