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    In the meetings the doctors, the professors, the professional caregivers, other experts take part. The main thing is that we give each other a piece of advice how to behave one way or another while looking after the patients that ill with this incurable disease.

We communicate and write the messages for the territorial and republican contributory sickness funds, Ministry of Health. We ask to return the medicines obligatory for treatment of patients with Alzheimer’s disease in the list of 100 percent compensated medicines.

 We applied to the Municipality, the Ministry of Social Services regarding the appointment of premises for the Day care center.


 We repeatedly wrote to the Ministry of Health with the request that the code of the Alzheimer’s disease would be included in the list of means of nursing which are compensated at the expense of the funds for the obligatory insurance. Unfortunately, the pampers, the draw sheets, the ointments for bedsore treatment are not prescribed and are not compensated until now to the Alzheimer’s patients who has no I degree of disability.


 The introduction of quotas – the restrictions to prescribe medicines, the restrictions in funds for treatment and rehabilitation - have put a lot of harm to patients with Alzheimer’s disease and to their relatives.

Seeking to fill in this gap, we participated in telecasts „Korida“, „The last crossroads“, „I ask for a word“, „The sun already sits down“, in broadcasts about health. In the Lithuanian radio broadcast „Health“, more than once the information on this disease was published. We have started to publish the annual information magazine " ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, WHAT IS IT? ". Two magazine numbers are printed already. Circulation - 10000 copies.


Rugsėjo 21-oji –
Tarptautinė Alzheimerio diena.

September 21 - the International Alzheimer’s day.
The failing memory predicts Alzheimer disease

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