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People commonly fall ill with Alzheimer’s disease in the age of 65-70 years. However there are also patients whose age reaches only 58 years. These rather not old people do not receive a high-grade life because of quotas and shortages of funds, because of lack of information.
       A huge problem - the prices of medicines and care products. The average retirement pension in Lithuania makes from 260 up to 400 Litas*. One medicine for Alzheimer’s disease for a month, compensated for 80 percent, costs 97 Litas. In case of acute disease, it is necessary to prescribe additional medicines. However, other compensated medicines are not prescribed.
If the patient has more diseases - the raised pressure, diabetes, an allergy, etc. - the doctor cannot write out the compensated medicines because of quotas. Therefore, the patient should purchase the majority of other obligatory medicines at his own expense. If the disease is chronic, the pampers are necessary. One pampers costs about 2 litas. In a day 3 pcs. are necessary. It is simple to count up, what charges the patient accumulates. More often it is necessary to live for the left 18-78 litas (1 euro = 3,45 Litas).
Unfortunately, but in Lithuania the Alzheimer’s disease is ignored and disclaimed. Not only the community, but also the physicians have not enough knowledge, information and understanding.

*1 ˆ  is about 3.45 Lt

German doctor Alois Alzheimer 1906 m. noticed the changes in brain of woman who died because of uknown desease in 1906.  This ilnness is called today Alzheimer's desease.

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